Building a Future Ready Career in Web Technologies

Details, About the Event

Looking to level up your skills by learning to code? Experience what learning Web Development will yield for you in career?

How the future of web technologies looks like?
get expert tips on starting or building a strong career in web technologies.

Let’s meet and discuss how you will enhance your skills in different web technologies and where to utilize those skills and how?

We will widely discuss how to cope up In a fast paced technology era how to keep up with the ever growing skill sets and convert them to achieve new heights for your dream career.

Agenda for the Meetup:
1. Introduction to Web technologies
2. Why you should choose Web technologies as a career?
3. Best Segments in web Technologies
A) Web Developer
B) Digital Marketer
C) System Administrator
D) Network Admin
and many more.
4. Open Discussion on Freelancer Platform like UpWork
5. Future of Web technologies
6. Invite for suggestions on Future Meetups

So lets meet up and learn from each other, share with your friends whom you think this meetup will be perfect for them.