Introduction to Git Version Control in Web Development (Workshop)

Details, About the Event

Unless you’re a one person web shop with no team to collaborate with, you’ve experienced the frustration that goes along with file sharing. No matter how hard you try, when multiple people are working on a single project without a version control system in place things get chaotic.

If you work with developers on the buildout and implementation of websites, the merge between front-end templates and back-end functionality can be a scary black hole.

Issues like overwrites, lost files, and the all-too-common “working off a previous version” phenomenon crop up constantly. And once back-end functionality has been put into your templates, you become terrified to touch them for fear of breaking something a developer spent a great deal of time getting to work.

So gear up we will introduce you with the Most awesome and widely used version control system and its usage in web development.

Note: This is a Workshop so please bring a fully charged Laptop along with you so you can benefit more.

mark your calendar and RSVP to join this awesome session.