Free SEO Tools

   50 FREE SEO Tools

  1.  SEObility gives you access to 4 free tools namely
    SEO check- which scan website for SEO errors
    Keyword Check – It analyse the website and give results to keywords
    Ranking Check- It provides you with the website ranking for your keyword. It gives different results for both desktop and mobile.
  2. Google Tools – For SEO practitioners Google Webmaster Seo Guidelines should be the bible of SEO. Follow them religiously.To make work easier Google has given few tools free of cost.
    Analytics – is the best and most used analytics software used all around for website audit and to know deep inside facts about it.
    Keyword Planner – It is mainly used for picking up the right keyword which makes the Ads in front of your customers or targeted audience.
    Pagespeed – Open Source module which runs on apache or Nginx server to test the website or it’s Pages.
    Trends – Another special tool by Google, which enable a user to know more about user experiences and mainly used to know the trends going all over the world.
    Mobile friendly test – How easily a visitor is reacting to your website on the mobile? It is the best tool in the market.
  3. Answer the public – Cool tool that fetches the suggestions and predictions of the public and present in an attractive visual format. 
  4. Ahrefs backlink checker – audit website, analyze social media and collects backlink from other websites to improve the site rankings.
  5. Beam us up – Identify problems like duplicate content, broken links and uncover missing titles.
  6. Yoast SEO – Most trusted seo plugin for wordpress, that enables a user to do a complete seo of a website.
  7. Keyworddit – Want to filter keywords from comments or other content’s of a subreddit. Then you must use this.
  8. – Want to connect with professional people, this tool  works the same to extract and verify professional email addresses.
  9. SEO web page analyzer – A tool for optimizing your content and make them favourable according to the website requirement. 
  10. Linkminer – Help’s to track competitors backlink strategy and also helps in replicating them.  
  11. Responsive design checker – Tells how responsive your website is to to your visitor’s and how you can improve the responsiveness of your website.
  12. SERProbot – Helps visitors to know about the google search rankings and it also helps to test the health of a  website for free.
  13. Keywordseverywhere – Extension for chrome and firefox which let user’s to know the search volume, CPC and many more.
  14. Similarweb – Grow’s your market presence by comparing your competitor’s traffic by it’s digital market intelligence platform.
  15. Smush Image compression – WordPress plugin that resizes and compress all your images with 100% powerful image smusher.
  16. GTmetrix – Free tool to analyze web page speed, with all other its components it generate score for your web page.
  17. – is a research tool that collects semantically data related to your root keyword.
  18. Where Goes – Takes particular URL and searches for similar redirects and metarefeshes leads to Final Destination.
  19. Whitespark google review link generator – Creates a short unique URL which you can share to your customers for growing support. 
  20. Portents SERP Preview tool – Gives suggestions for optimizing your present in google search results.
  21. SEO Hero – Explore topics related to your content and creates a strong content strategy for your website.
  22. LSI graph – Creates a semantic, long tail and LSI keywords which helps in on-page optimization activities.
  23. Robot.txt generator – Creates Robot.txt files for your website that enables crawlers to crawl your pages properly.
  24. All in one SEO – A pack for SEO activities and available as a plugin in wordpress which helps in your presence in the market.
  25. HEADMaster SEO – Checks in Bulk URL lists,status,codes and redirects.
  26. Merge Words – Used for creating different combines of keywords automatically and lets you create fresh Keyword everytime. 
  27. Browseo – Lets you to identify issues related to your site and to your competitors website and tell you in detail about the issue.
  28. Whitespark Local citation finder – Manages your citation and local SEO services, helps a lot in doing and improving local SEO.
  29. Keep alive- validation SEO tool – Tells visitors to establish a TCP connection, so that the web page can load web fast.
  30. JSON LD Schema generator – Creates Schema’s structured markup for your website so it can use JSON-LD. 
  31. Chrome dev tools – Set of tools built directly by Google in chrome directory, it lets you to diagnose the problem and resolve it.
  32. WOOrank seo – Finds issues, identify opportunities and create reports that helps you to audit and improve your website. 
  33. Animalz review – It looks on your analytics data and provide list of posts that can be refreshed.
  34. Can I Rank – This software lets you find Keywords which you can rank and can get links for the same. 
  35. Seed Keywords – Tool for finding valuable keywords that can rank you on search engine page.
  36. SEMRush – Software that helps you to increase your online presence and let you to prepare a strong marketing strategy.
  37. Ubersuggest – Helps you to generate keywords for your content marketing strategy.
  38. – Get SEO secrets that our leading clients pays to us.
  39. SERPrator – One place where you can check your ranking for free and Know more about CPC. 
  40. Screaming frog – is a small desktop tool which crawl’s website css, images, scripts and app for SEO Prospective.
  41. Keys4up – Find Keywords related to your content and helps to improve your rankings.
  42. Panguintool – A award winning Seo tool which crawls your website and find weather your website has been impacted or not.
  43. Wordtracker Scout – Collects a huge collection of keywords in its database and present in front of users according to their need.
  44. Lipperhey – Having a unique and powerful technique which uses yellow pages for SEO practises.
  45. Bing webmaster tool – Improve your site performances in search results.
  46. Dareboost – All in one website services, lets you monitor the website performances.
  47. Small seo tools – Let you check weather your content is free of plagiarism and find copied sentences at a no cost.
  48. Siteliner – Let’s you find broken links, internal page rank, duplicate contact and redirections.
  49. KWfinder – Covers both traditional and competitor keyword research to help you find long tail keywords. 
  50. Varvy SEo tool – Test your site and let you know whether your site is following google’s guidlines.