Search Engine Ads

“The Secret gift of the Paid ads are you get the control of user experience, rather than the search engines. – Avinash Kaushik”

If you are not getting leads with the SEO efforts or not getting results fast from it. Try considering search engine ads.These are the ads which are paid and can bring you some quick business . They do not require time like SEO.

On the basis of Search engines ads are classified as
Google Ads
Bing Ads
Yahoo Ads

Google having the major share of the search market, we rely highly on Google Ads which also owns the second largest search engine and leading video content provider- Youtube.

Usually ads have description, url and extensions.

Youtube Ads- To target your audience while they are surfing Youtube we can use these ads. They may be in different formats like , banner ads on channel, link on the videos, Skippable ads, Non- Skippable ads.

Display Ads- They are not in the text format but a banner to display all the information on google site network. According to Google Display ads have reached 90 % of users present in internet.Chances are very high that you have also encountered display ads in your life as you are online and reading this article.

Search Ads- Business who post their listing on the search result by paying for that slot to google are search ads. They are usually text with url and contact details. It may have some other ads extensions too.

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