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“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” – Phil Frost

  • Site Audit- Usually Seo Audit of a website inspects all the elements ,whether the site is search engine friendly.Are it’s linsk working properly. Are they following the webmaster guidelines of the search engines. We do the health check of the site and list out the critical errors and probable solutions. Speed Testing of the site.Security testing of the test.Checking it’s conversion rate.


  • Competitor /Industry Analysis – You should always be aware of the industry insights and have a check on your competitor’s move.Knowing exactly what is working will help you make decisions which are beneficial for your business.
  • On Page & Off Page Optimization- The basic difference between on page and off page optimization is that On page SEO deals with the improvisation of website within. While Off Page SEO deals with the external factors to improve the website ranking.
  • Link Building- It’s like taking the credibility of other’s website by sharing content with them and taking back a link to our site.It is one of the tactics required for improving the ranking of our website.
  • Monthly reports- A Good SEO agency always report the progress. Tracking of the keywords as per traffic is shown. Report will consider Website traffic,user behaviour,keyword ranking, Page performances, technical issues and overall marketing analysis of the website.
  • Content Marketing – It consists of all marketing activities including SEO as it is the atom particle of all marketing activities.Creating most effective content is the base  of perfect SEO strategy. For backlink you share article, for article you need keywords which has large search volume. They are interrelated.
  • Technical SEO- It deals with the infrastructure of a website. It is totally technical and do not have anything to deal with content.Major factors of it are indexing, crawling,schema, sitemap ,minifying and compression.

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