Social Media Marketing

Social media is a new place to hangout. People usually came to socialize on social media platforms. Business does not want to leave any mark unturned so they are gaining the attention of people over social media too.

Social media marketing with two approaches

Social Media Optimization- In this approach we create and manage the social media handles of various platforms on behalf of business.

Social Media Ads- Organic reach is decreasing day by day as the traffic in social media platforms is coming near to saturation. That’s why organic reach in new social media platforms is more. Older social media are left with paid ads to share your message to your audience.
As a part of Social media strategy we focus on all platforms which have different prospects available.

Facebook – Has the largest user base .Almost half the world is online. And those who are online,55% of them are on facebook. You will find out all types of audience in facebook.
A brand should have it’s presence in facebook. We can leverage Facebook Profile, Facebook Pages, Facebook groups, stories and messengers.

Photo based Social Networks – Business which showcase their brands through photos are gaining importance. Major among them are Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Twitter- Microblogging site is quite popular in personalities and celebrities . It is very popular for it’s short and crisp format. Here the audience is more refined and we have to convey our message in 280 characters only.

LinkedIn – It is one of the most favorite networking site with the professionals. It is also good for talent hunt and job landing. It can also generate B2B leads.

Tiktok – Latest in the race is short entertainment networking site where we cam place our sponsored videos and also place ads on the platform.

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