Top 10 Challenges of Bloggers

Blogging is a 3 step process to get started.

-Think of it.

-Create a blog

-Write and post.

So starting a blog is just a cakewalk.But to have a blog of reputation it takes time.

Blogging is Hard because of the grind required to stay interesting and relevant.

Blogging has become popular these days. But after interacting with many of the bloggers,what we have listed as top 10 challenges are listed below.

  1. Hosting
  2. Niche
  3. Content & Consistency
  4. Traffic
  5. User experience
  6. Money Making
  7. Ads
  8. Themes
  9. Plugins
  10. SEO

Hosting : “A good host is someone who takes care of everything” . In web hosting it is the very first hurdle that stops to amplify your voice through your blog.

In the WordCamps you will find many hosting companies as sponsors.Have a checklist ready to ask each and every question to get answers by the hosting providers. Or else visit there contact us page and d some research before finalizing one.

By the end of the day you will be having a clear idea about shared,VPS,reseller and cloud.
My personal recommendation is Genx Webhosting and Siteground. They both offer WordPress specialized hosting.

Niche: The starting point of your journey is the selection of Niche.But it can be done in 3 easy simple steps. 

  • Find out a keyword related to your passion.Search for it’s volume  in any keyword finder tool like Google keyword Planner.
  • Find out the competitiveness of the keyword niche.Just type in the google and listed results will show you the level of competition.
  • Decide -Yes or No. 

Good to go ! Remember the baseline Passion will kill the competition in the long run.

Consistency & Content : “Content is the reason search began in first place” .If you want to excel the content, write in such a manner that reader fells, it is just written for me.For having consistency you need to plan a content calendar or content bucket for that.Categorize personas of our readers and subdivide their requirements. You will get enough of the stuff to get down and write content over those heads.

Traffic: “Online world is the only world where we love traffic.” 

Losing traffic whenever an algorithm update comes and acquiring new visitors is never an easy task. It is a nightmare for most of the bloggers.Some of the easiest ways are:

  • Promoting content on social media
  • Publishing long form content
  • Irresistible Headlines
  • Guest blogging
  • Site responsiveness

User experience: “A bad website is like a grumpy salesman.” 

User experience are directly proportional to the conversion rate. In this era of distraction and popups.User attention span has reduced .So if you are unable to provide a great experience ,they are free to move to other options available at next click.

To move smoothly have a testing plan, take user’s feedback and try to educate them.

Money Making: “Not all online money making is a spam !” 

Some of the genuine WordPress ways of making money online are by monetizing your content. Selling product/services through your blog. Writing paid reviews. Affiliate marketing and putting ads on the blog. Setting up an E-commerce store with Woo Commerce and accepting donations.

Ads: Most famous one ads service is adsense of Google.With few clicks and script insertion your site is ready to get paid by displaying ads on your website space.

Other simple way is WordAds. A simple plugin which will enable more than 50 internet ads service providers and market place to put ads on your side and garner more revenue in return.

Themes: Themes are like brand ambassador of your website. Always have a checklist of required features ready in hand before finalizing theme. Bear the extra cost of paid themes, they are worth it. Choose a theme which is responsive, have clear fonts. Keep colors in mind and always test the theme thoroughly before implementing it.
My recommendation is if you are just starting out try starter themes of Astra & ThemeIsle.

Plugins: A substandard plugin can deteriorate the website .Choose wisely.Always do speed test of the site before and after installation.Look for the description, ratings, review and most important support and updation. Compatibility with your version of WordPress. Also look for the active installations.
Stay subscribed to the blog. Very soon we are going to publish essential plugins for site.

SEO: “The best place to hide a dead body is second page of the google” .

Yoast or All in one SEO are the saviour to non SEO guys who have started blogging in WordPress.

Apart from these plugins . Submit sitemap.Do on-page and off page Seo. Internal Linking. Choosing a good hosting & theme can make your way easy and ready to go.

These might be the few of the difficulty faced by the bloggers. If you have any doubts regarding any challenges of bloggers Leave a comment .

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