Top 10 Challenges of Developers

What? A Developers job is boring one. Not at all. It’s a myth. Developers have a different schedule every day. Every problem is different in some manner and so does it solutions. Infact WordPress also believes that Code Is Poetry. We have listed a few of the challenges that web developers face.

  1. User experience
  2. Security
  3. Scalability
  4. Matching latest standards
  5. Browsers support/compatibility
  6. Automation
  7. Performance
  8. Knowledge of frameworks
  9. Site is never perfect
  10. Cheap and best not possible together

User Experience: User journey should be the base of developing a website.Putting oneself in the customer’s shoes and then developing the UX/UI will troubleshoot most of the issues.Usually it is the re-thinking process how we solve the problem. How to make a balance between usability and it’s features.

Security: Web development could be very difficult if neglect the security aspect. It becomes more vital when it has crucial information ,user data, like passwords, card details,payments.

Websites have always threat of Phishing, cross-site scripting,shell injection,database malfunctioning and unauthorized access of restricted part of website.

Scalability: Is scalability about performance ? No ! it is all about load balancing between servers.From the beginning we should develop a site in such a way that if in future load increases on the single server ,other servers could be added.Service Oriented architecture can help you in managing server load, adding more servers and improving scalability.

Matching Latest Standards: Web world is changing rapidly. And for web developers it becomes utmost important to be aware of the changes.Highly recommend to adopt early the changes which are going to affect the work culture. Solution is to keep an eye on W3 working group which makes these Web Standards.

Browsers support/compatibility: Every browser’s interface is slightly different and we have to perform a test on every major browser i.e. Internet Explorer,Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox,Android and iOS. Usually it is Internet Explorer which creates a problem and we have to look for alternative arrangements.

Automation: Although job description of a developer is full of diverse tasks ,some tasks which are repetitive in nature such as compiling a stylesheet. Fortunately we have Gulp,Grunt and Webpack which can help us.

Performance: Whatever we do during development process either optimize or hamper the site .So we have to keep things right from the very beginning.Using of compressed images, rightly managing CSS and Javascript.So that in the end it does not create a chunk of To-do lists for optimization.

Knowledge of Framework:  Developer should know the exact requirement of the client and decide the frame work on that base. If a simple CMS or online presence is required it can be done by WordPress but if they require marketplace then e-commerce framework could be provided by WooCommerce. A new function can be added via external API. He should be aware of AMP, snippets and PWA .

Site is never perfect: Oh Truth has been spoken. The very first product is never perfect.It need consistent changes and with time and feedback it will evolve to better version. So site is never perfect. Even on the date of launch.But it is good to have mutual understanding with the client that we are good to go and changes will happen till the service contract says.

Cheap and best not possible together: Pricing is always part of conflict so better to have clear written agreement before development. A good site development requires time and sometimes it takes more money than predicted earlier.Be sure that you clearly mention where that extra penny is spent.

These might be the few of the difficulty faced by the developers. If you have any doubts regarding any challenges of developers feel free to contact us for help.

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